Don’t give in to stigma. A diagnosis does not determine who you are or what you can do!

About Us

Saantvan Mental Health Services is a platform providing specialised and personal therapeutic services. We are a team of qualified Psychologists who have experience in conducting psychological assessments, working with individuals, couples and families and also organizing group therapy.Our focus is to de-stigmatize mental illness and provide therapy designed as per individual needs. We have engaged in corporate space and created awareness regarding mental health through workshops, interventions and personal sessions. We are also associated with schools and Non Government organizations with a view to promote psychological well – being. We believe that help should be accessible to everyone in need, because healing matters!

Therapeutic Services
Psychotherapy for children, Adolescents and Adults

Psychotherapy is the use of scientific psychological methods to help people with a variety of mental health problems and emotional difficulties.

Play Therapy

Play is an essential part of a child’s life. Play therapy provides a safe, non – judgmental space to children for “play” out their feelings and emotional difficulties

Group Therapy

The group setting is a safe, non-judgmental and confidential space allowing individuals to freely express themselves and get their concerns addressed It also helps in finding support in each other.

Trauma Therapy

Trauma therapy aims to help clients manage and lessen the effects of trauma and cope with triggered trauma memories It helps us restore the balance so that one can feel in charge and in control of how they feel.

Workshops & Interventions

Workshops conducted-Gender sensitisation, Bullying, Understanding Relationships, Conflict Resolution, Understanding Sexuality Currently spearheading Peer Counselling intervention.

Our Program

Program Reach was initiated keeping in my our vision “Help should be accessible to all”. The idea is to reach all groups in a cost effective manner.


Promotes the idea of equipping future therapists to create self - awareness & engage in self - work, which enhances therapeutic relationship

Our Engagements

Awareness Program, Workshops, Online Counselling, Onsite Counselling, Psychological Assessments, Interventions


Workshops and Interventions


Workshops and Interventions

Why Therapy

Therapy can help you deal with a range of issues and gain a better understanding of your symptoms. It provides you with a safe space to discuss openly without a fear of judgment.
Our Team

We are a team of qualified psychotherapists, well versed with psychological testing and therapy. We believe that help should be accessible to all “because healing matters”

Minal Mohite
Minal has completed her M.A. in Counseling Psychology. After working in Corporate HR for 11 years, her passion led her to the field of psychology. She has been associated with NGOs & schools where she has worked with children and adolescents from marginalized background. She has also worked with various stakeholders to create awareness and sensitize them about mental health.
Apart from running her private practice, she works actively in the field of trauma and child sexual abuse. Minal has varied experience in individual as well as group therapy.
Surbhi Joshi Sharma
Surbhi has a M.A. in Clinical Psychology. She has previously worked at the D Y Patil Hospital and KLS Memorial Hospital in Mumbai. She currently runs her private practice and has experience in administering psychological tests and providing individual therapy to children, adolescents and adults. She has played an instrumental role in creating awareness regarding mental health through workshops in Corporates, designing interventions and providing therapeutic services.
Surbhi is a certified psychotherapist and trained trauma therapist in EMDR. She is also a trained suicide first responder. Apart from saantvan she also consults at the Mindspace Clinic and Bhartiya Arogya Nidhi Hospital in Juhu.
Dr. Akshay Chordia
Psychiatrist and Sexologist
Dr. Akshay Chordia is a Psychiatrist and Sexologist. He completed his MD in Psychiatry from Lokmanya Tilak Municipal Medical College and Hospital, Sion, Mumbai. Dr. Chordia has worked as Assistant Professor in the Department  of Psychiatry at Sion Hopsital. He has been working extensively with various social organizations to create mental health awareness and provide treatment for marginalized population in the community. For his work he has received; -Lundbeck Academic Excellence Award ( Gold medal ) in 2019 -Vindhya Gaurav Award 2021 -Captain AD Manek sanmaan 2022, and -Nelson Mandela Noble Peace Award 2022 He is currently practicing as a Director and Consultant Psychiatrist at ANANDVAN WELLNESS CENTRE, Nalasopara and Virar & CURE HEALTH CENTRE, Vasai.
Board of Advisors
Dr. Cicilia Chettiar
Dr. Cicilia Chettiar is the Assistant Professor and HOD of Dept. of Psychology at the Maniben Nanavati Women’s College. Dr. Chettiar has a Masters in Clinical Psychology and finished her Ph.D. in the year 2014. She has been an essential part of the mental health field having published a number of papers and also mentoring budding psychologists in their researches. She has been instrumental in the academic field enlightening young minds by sharing her knowledge and experience.
Dr Rashmin Cholera
Dr Rashmin Cholera
Dr Rashmin Cholera is a consultant psychiatrist, practising in the western suburbs of Mumbai for the past 20 years. Though he sees patients of all ages, he has a special interest in child & geriatric psychiatry. 

He is a Professor of Psychiatry, at the 'D Y Patil Hospital & University School of Medicine', He is actively involved in teaching postgraduate students from his department, as well as students from across the country. He conceptualised, initiated, and continues to be on the advisory board of, the 'D Y Patil Journal of Health Sciences'He has extensive experience in the field of Healthcare Management. He has recently started his Healthcare Consulting Firm, and offers his expertise to various people seeking guidance and advice for their current, as well as forthcoming medical ventures.

Since the onset of COVID, the need for mental wellness has gained more prominence than ever. It was a mentally testing time for all, hence as a company we decided to engage with Mental health experts who would help our employees to deal with the situation better. Saantvan came onboard, we have done multiple interventions with them since then and it has been an amazing experience having them as our Mental Wellness partners. Our employees have benefited a lot with their sessions and personal help as well. I wish them all the best in their journey of helping all the people and improving their lives.

Kamal Tilokani Assistant Head - Employee Engagement, DNEG

Such a seamless, fun, and brilliant experience working with Saantvan. Both Minal and Surbhi have immense knowledge about mental health. They are a kind, empathetic, and fun team to work with. At Unherd, they inspired and helped us to work with adolescents in a different and much better way! They understand and empathize with their clients. I think every person that comes across Minal and Surbhi, is usually left with such positive, fun, and happy vibes. Wherever they go, I think they spread such joy! Grateful that we have psychologists like Minal and Surbhi who are making a positive difference in the world - thank you for your service and for all that you do to make the world a happy place! I completely recommend them for any psychology-related services. Would love to continue to be involved. More power to team Saantvan!

Alister D'Monte Founder & CEO, Unherd

The School of Excellence takes the opportunity to thank you Minal & Surbhi to address and connect on our webinar session "Mental Health" on 22nd June'20. Times such as these, the pandemic the pandora box of all feelings needed a voice and ear and you both ensured the participants were able to speak easily. Grateful for such an in-depth session.

Smeeta Gulvady Head - The School of Excellence

Ms. Minal and Ms. Surbhi conducted a workshop on Gender Sensitisation in our school for secondary children. They made the serious-sounding topic so interactive and fun for the children. Their friendly approach made them relate to the topics discussed. The topic had chances of favouring one sex over the other but the team handled it with balance and we all learned to accept and respect everyone irrespective of their genders. I would definitely love to organise/ attend more workshops by them.

Surabhi Ojha Counsellor At Public Pawar School (Secondary Section)

Saantvan conducted a session on gender sensitisation at Pawar Public School with our grades 9 and 10 students. The subtopics were relevant to what the children are facing these days and delivered in a way that the children could relate to. It was very interactive and they were able to build a good rapport with the students which made them feel comfortable enough to ask questions. At the end the students went home with a better understanding of the various biases that they may have unconsciously imbibed and how to go about being more aware and working towards it.

Monika Agrawal Counsellor at Public Pawar school
Pre primary and primary section

Minal and Surbhi understand the groups necessities. They have an empathetic understanding of the background the children come from and accordingly conduct the sessions. The flow and examples provided by them are easier for the children to understand and reflect onto them. Both are open to the ideas and topics which are suggested by us in Snehasadan.

Ms.Bhakti Joshi, Counselling Psychologist, Snehasadan

I know Saantvan as they are working with our DNEG as our Mental Health Partners. In this wellness journey, their contribution has played a very important role in helping people deal with their mental health challenges especially during the pandemic. Both, Minal and Surbhi are approachable, knowledgeable and they try and accommodate our request for any new initiatives as well as they suggest a few things in regards to mental wellbeing from their end which would benefit a larger audience. I really like the way they conduct webinars on mental wellbeing. They seek to cover all the essentials topics that appeals to most of us, explain the topic in a very detailed manner and suggest ways to deal with it so that each one goes away from the session with several learning takeaways.

Kimberly Ferrao, Manager - Employee Engagement
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